Aspire Education Group GmbH, GERMANY

Meta4 Innovations e.U., AUSTRIA

Yakacik Mesleki Ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi, TURKEY

Aspire Education Group GmbH are a partnership of hybrid system thinkers, advisers, consultants and leadership development coaches. We offer research, development, training and consulting services to co-develop solutions to close the performance and inequality gaps impacting young people and adults locally and globally.

We work in partnerships with key influencers and organisations in Germany, Europe, Africa and the UK for greater social mobility, inclusion, innovation, education and economic development.

Meta4 is a training provider in VET and Adult education that is dedicated to supporting vulnerable and marginalised persons such as migrants, women and youth. We serve all sectors of education including early childhood, school, vocational (VET) and professional education.

We develop state of the art digital learning platforms with interactive tools, gamified apps, and animated learning videos. Our Research Design team aspires to bridge the gap between education and economy.

Yakacık Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School (Yakacık MTAL), is a state school, which provides vocational education training. Currently there are 112 teachers working for Yakacık MTAL and 1260 students aged between 14 –and 18. There 8 different vocational training departments with 13 branches at Yakacık MTAL

As a VET provider, Yakacık MTAL aims to decrease the skills mismatch between the VET systems and the labor market by training students to be qualified employees.


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